DBPT Online Training

At the Gym....At Home....Train when you want, and where you want, with Bespoke Training Support from highly experienced Personal Trainers

Why choose DBPT online training?

With our busy lives many of us require complete flexiblity when it comes to training and some may not be able to afford the time of a much needed personal trainer on a regular basis.  Online training is a cost effective way of engaging the services of a Personal Trainer, whilst allowing you to schedule training sessions to suit YOU.

dbPT's Online Training Service is a motivational and suppotive platform designed to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

What's included in the Online Package ?

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Bespoke Personal Mobile Training App  

Track your progress using your own personal App.  We'll build your bespoke training sessions and exercises and integrate them into your App.  Your App will record your workouts and track your progress, completely taking the guesswork out of your training sessions!  What's more, the App includes an in-built personal messaging service and access to a closed group chat for inspiration and motivation.

Exercise Programme 

An exercise programme designed to your personal goals, whether it be to lose weight, become toned or build serious muscle. This plan can be designed to be used at your gym, tailored to the equipment available to you, or in your own home utilising very little equipment.  

Nutritional Programme

A bespoke easy to follow nutritional programme that ensures you are burning fat on a daily basis without even the need for exercise. We can help you lose a few pounds for an important event or become shredded. We will calculate your macronutrient requirements in line with your specific goals. Once your plan is calculated you can track your food intake with a comprehensive app available on Android and IOS.

Continued "on the shoulder" assistance by several forms of contact:

  • Your own Personal App including use of an in-built messaging service direct from your Personal App
  • Access to a private member only support page
  • Email Support
  • Two Skype/FaceTime calls or phone consultations per month


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Online Training Package 

Receive your own Personal Training App (with in-built messaging service), Personalised Training Programme, Diet and Nutrition Programme, 2 x Skype calls per month and email support. 

Minimum sign up period - 3 months.

By subscribing you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

What happens next?

Once payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of your payment, and a further email with details of how to sign in to your personalised App, and instructions to complete your PAR-Q and Consultation Form.  We will then send you your Welcome Pack documentation.  Once we have this back from you we will prepare your training package. 

The knowledge and advice that you will be provided with is proven to work - just visit our testimonials page to see what our valued clients are saying. 

Gain knowledge on what works and what does not when it comes to diet and exercise, advice on improving well being, reversing the body clock and fat loss - 

All for just £50.00 per month