DBPT Transformation Studio:

The Transformation Studio is run by a father and son team, Darren Baker and Kade Baker (one of the youngest people to qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and nutrition adviser).

We are not to be confused with a mainstream gym.  Our Studio is designed to train concentrated numbers effectively in a friendly environment without the hustle and bustle of a mainstream gym,

providing you with a quality workout and a real sense of achievement every time you leave the Studio.

Your monthly fee includes:-

  • Fully qualified and highly experienced Personal Trainers on hand every time you visit
  • Full use of DBPT's fully integrated Training App, complete with bespoke workout plans and video tutorials, allowing you to track your progress
  • Access to our Circuit Boot Camp Sessions, running 3 days a week

And unlike mainstream gyms there is no joining fee.

Training in a big box gym environment can be overwhelming and cause anxiety issues for many people - not at DBPT, you will always be met with a smile every time you enter our Transformation Studio, and in fact we can help you with anxiety by strengthening your mind and body.

Diet & Nutrition 

One of the biggest passions driving dbPT is diet and nutrition; that’s why at dbPT we largely focus on providing our clients with diet advice which promotes weight loss together with long-term wellbeing and longevity. Our diets play a huge part in how we look and feel, and at dbPT we know that to eat right we have to get the mind right.

dbPT specialises in promoting good eating habits, tackling behavourial issues associated with diet and providing advice on how to eat - all at our private Nutrition Consultations here at the Studio. You will also be given healthy tips for fat loss, and advice on how to log your daily food intake utilising a diet App which integrates with our fitness App.

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What happens next?

Once payment is made you will receive an email confirmation of your payment, and a further email with details of how to sign in to your personalised App, and instructions to complete your PAR-Q and Consultation Form.  Once we have this back from you we will prepare your training program for you. 

Studio opening times:                                 

Monday - Friday:  08:00 - 21:00    |    Saturday : 08:00 - 18:00    |   Sunday: 09:00 - 16:00