I booked a PT session with Darren to help me keep up with the physical demands of my work. His wealth of knowledge meant he could identify the areas I should be focusing on, and turned them into a simple, manageable routine. Darren’s enthusiasm, dedication, and general positive attitude towards your goals is infectious, not only will you see success in whatever aspect of your health and fitness you want to improve, but you’ll leave with a smile on your face – guaranteed! 


You are a great motivator as a coach in transforming our lifestyles and eating habits! You put your heart in what you do. You have been and will be a great part of jon and myself’s journey! We are truly grateful!

Jon & Jony

"Darren's enthusiasm, dedication and general positive attitude towards your goals is infectious"

I expressed an interest in personal training at the gym, I was introduced to Darren Baker, a personal trainer at Sports Direct in Colchester. I told Darren all I mentioned above. Being impressed on the advice I received I requested to hire Darren for 5 PT sessions. 

My goal was to reduce body fat and gain muscle and during my 1st session Darren advised me on smart methods to reduce calories but at the same time still enjoying good quality food, by enjoying slight changes to more of a flexible diet. He then introduced me to weight lifting in addition to some further tips relating to nutrition. Just from minor tweaking to my diet I lost 1 stone in less than 3 weeks (this was not a fast) having never lifted weights before I was naturally a bit nervous, and in my 1st session I was all over the place. Darren’s tuition has enabled me to slow it all down, develop my technique and start to enjoy and really embrace the feeling of building muscle.
Four months in, I am still hiring Darren, and for each session that goes by I feel stronger and able to build and develop the physique I have been after for many years.
I definitely would not have been anywhere near this journey without the assistance of Darren and I feel his knowledge in all areas relating to well-being and fat loss will benefit anybody. 


"Darren is by far the best personal trainer that I have encountered and I can not praise him enough for his passion and ability to reassure and encourage his clients every step of the way"

Darren is one of the best PT's I have ever had a training session with in 10 years of training.

He provides a very high level of personal training combined with easy to remember techniques and knowledge on nutrition. You get a great sense of achievement after a PT session with Darren as he truly believes in his clients' capabilities to improve.

This is backed up by his own achievements in the techniques he uses. I would recommend anyone of any level of fitness, male or female to see for themselves.


"Darren has been extremely helpful and motivating, gives you the drive and determination to achieve your desired results. Darren is behind you every step of the way - I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone, he's ace!"

You’ll not find a personal trainer quite like Darren! He is dedicated and passionate and always willing to impart his knowledge on fitness and nutrition. As a couple we have trained with him on a number of occasions using a programme tailored by him to meet our requirements. He ensures we are secure in our technical ability; he challenges us, motivates us and most of all makes our sessions enjoyable. We thoroughly recommend him.

Kevin & Claire

I have been a member of a gym for some time however, I had lost my way and struggled to make progress with my fitness. I spoke with Darren in an initial consultation and I could not have been blown away more by his professionalism and pure knowledge of the subject in hand. He listened intently to my concerns and offered tailored advice on how I could progress and move forward with my fitness. He worked with me to create an amazing fitness plan that matched my goals perfectly. Darren is by far the best personal trainer that I have encountered and I can not praise him enough for his passion and ability to reassure and encourage his clients every step of the way.


I have been trying to lose weight for years, but have only been gradually increasing in weight. Since turning 30, I have found that fat has become a lot more stubborn and every method I have tried to lose it has led to failure. I had a few weights sessions with Darren, focusing on compound exercises. After 3 sessions, I had my technique locked down and was able to advance quickly. I can now deadlift 160kg x 3; in November 2015 I could only manage 120kg. Darren sat me down and explained 'Macros' and 'Calorie deficit' and I began the process of obsessively logging and weighing everything I ate (with the help of a free app). Six weeks later and I have lost 17 lbs. My strength is still on the increase and I feel great. There is only so much conflicting information and bad advice you can take before you go back to basics and talk to an expert (who has tested all that he teaches on himself and has had impressive results). I feel like the process of talking to Darren and having someone who cares about my results has made the whole process enjoyable. Most importantly, his approach works. I have lost weight for the first time in seven years. As the weight comes off, the motivation increases. I haven't been on a pizza binge for ages.


Darren Baker…

A man with copious amounts of knowledge and experience!

Great personal trainer!

I have been going to the gym for 2 years and my progress had slowed right down. After just 2 sessions with Darren I was able to bulk up and gain 10kg of muscle in under 6 months.

Darren does not just give you a set of exercises to repeat like other personal trainers, he educates you on how the body works so you are able to control growth and prevent yourself gaining fat.

I could not recommend this man more.


I had no real idea about weight training and good form so hired Darren as my personal trainer. It was evident very quickly how much knowledge Darren has and how much of a good personal trainer he is! It’s inspiring knowing someone who is training you has actually tested all his methods on himself and the proof is in the pudding with his own body he has transformed.

He hasn’t just read a book and tells you what you want to hear but has tried and tested everything and knows what works and gets results.

Having Darren as a personal trainer is the best investment I’ve made in the last year!  Even when he sees me training in the gym on my own, he is always willing to give support and advice and make sure I am getting the best results from every workout.

Without any doubt I would recommend this personal trainer to everyone, no matter what the goal, as he has knowledge beyond many people in the industry; he has gotten to know me and my abilities, and makes each session enjoyable and I come away knowing and feeling that I’ve accomplished great results each time.


I would highly recommend Darren. Over the last 3 months, he has really helped to educate me on how to train and fuel my body. After 2 kids I am finally back on track and in a much happier place. His no fad diet approach and simple guidance, means the weight will stay off. Plus he genuinely cares and motivates you to succeed, if you're prepared to work hard!!! Thanks Darren :)

Anne Pilka